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Results of a 15-month study - From Zoetis Report
68% of apparently ‘healthy’ calves had lung lesions, which were associated with reduced weight gains

Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) or calf pneumonia as it is more commonly known, is a considerable cost to the beef industry. It can range from full blown clinical disease with the subsequent losses and reduced performance to underlying, sometimes unseen respiratory problems which may be less evident but can be just as costly.

The loss of calves to pneumonia can be devastating and put a serious dent in the profitability of a herd. But it’s not just the obvious pneumonia cases that can be very costly. Many farmers see low grade respiratory problems as a fact of life. However, although the disease may be mild or even not show at all, underlying damage to the respiratory tract can limit growth rates.

Read the full Zoetis report here

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